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We have 18 months (estimated) to complete 4 graphic novels. It is going to be a long and rewarding journey, and it starts today. I’ll be keeping this blog to update my part of this journey, from research right on through to development and publication of each title. Keep in touch, follow the blog.

Title of the graphic novel series:   7 generations

The first book in the series will be 32 pages and I’ll let you know the title in the next few weeks. It’s a working title right now.

What I will tell you is that the series will follow generations of one Aboriginal family over the last 3 centuries. In a word: epic. And what it’s about is our history, the good and the bad. How we were, what happened and where it has brought us. And….where do we go from here?

I feel that engaging stories bring about meaningul learning opportunities. The movies, for example, with the best stories are the best movies….my intent is nothing less than to help produce the best graphic novel of all time. This will happen through telling the best story, and that is done through words and illustrations. My part is the words and I’ll be consulting on illustrations (how I want things to look).

If you don’t go out trying to do the best at what you do, you should not bother. And if it is…then just imagine how many people we can touch, educate and the change we can create.

In the end, we’ll package all 4 graphic novels into 1 anthology….1 128 page graphic novel.

So, it begins. Lots of research to start. Historical Fiction. History has to be bang on.

Feel free to message me/comment whenever you want. ask questions, give comments/opinions, it’s all good.

Check back soon


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