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Book 1 Tentative Title

Learning lots about the Plains Cree lately as that’s the main subject of book one. Going back to the 18th century, I’ll explore the life of a young man who dreams to become Chief. Now, from what I’ve read, you gain prestige within a camp is by showing prowess in battle. This could be in war with another tribe (The Blackfoot was a common enemy of the Plains Cree from what I understand so far in my research), or on a mission to steal (i.e. horses), etc. What we’ll be doing is showing this young man’s rise to become the poundmaker. Now, this was a very important job, probably one of the most prestigious and important jobs as it was integral in the buffalo hunt. His job was to pretty much supervise and conduct the construction of the pound, where they lured buffalo into and killed them for their meat, bones and hide. The buffalo was a very important animals to the plains cree. It provided them with their shelter (hides were used for teepees), tools, utensils, clothing, food, etc.

So, the tentative title is The Poundmaker.

Talk soon,

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