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First 3 pages done…

Well buckled down today and finished the first 3 pages of the first book in the Generations series. The script is an interesting thing, the graphic novel script. It’s a lot like a movie script…in fact I’ve always likened the writer of the graphic novel to be kind of the director and writer. Each panel, you’re describing what’s going on, the colours, the theme, the positioning of the characters, whether it’s a close or long shot, etc. Then, you’re obviously also writing the captions, speech bubbles, etc. So, the illustrator is more like the actors, the cinematography…it’s up to the illustrator to bring everything to life, make eveything vibrant…not an easy task.

The first three pages went very well. I was able to do them quite easily as no research is involved. Took a break from reading to do it. Probably looking at another 2 pages in present time before we jettison back to the early, early years…thinking mid 18th century or maybe just zoom it right on back to the 15th century, pre-contact. Talking to Lisa Meeches the other day, she called this time…what was it…oh gosh, the exact phrase has escaped me. But what it boiled down to was that the time before contact was a perfect time, untouched and unfettered by the will of others. We had our way of life and it was a good way. Now to me this would make a very good beginning, and then contrast that to post-contact, small pox epidemic…maybe when the fur trade went south…well, the beauty of all this is there is so much history, so much to tell, that the options are endless. The important thing is to tell the best story possible.

After the first three pages, I think I’ve got a great start on this.

Talk later,


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