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Trucking Along

Up to Page 9 now….Page 9 is going to be a full page, beautiful collage style work of art. Obviously I’m not doing the art…just describing it. I’m tackling about 2 pages a day. That way, I’m looking to be done the first draft around the end of the month. Then it’s write and write and write through the edits. Right now I’m concentrating on developing the story and getting it down, and as we edit, we can really make it beautiful. The story I wanted just hit me while biking to a meeting last week. I was hesitating on writing the rest of the GN beyond page 5 because I wanted to make sure I had a really amazing story to drive the book, and funny how it just popped right in there. So now, I’ll have this solid story that will really serve as a support to the history aspect. I feel that I’ll throw in accurate aspects of Aboriginal life back then and this will lend itself to further, more specific Aboriginal history learning and the history in there will almost happen by osmosis…just kind of filtering into the consciousness. We’re looking at a mass market release for this story, so it’s not purely for education. But hopefully education will be a by-product of the story and I think it will be. So I’m probably 1/3 of the way there for book 1, but the work is just beginning. Writing the first draft is almost the easiest part. The editing, honing, etc, is the tough, tough stuff. More news later…

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