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Review complete and Page 23 coming up

Met with the publisher today and went over all the amazing submissions. I said to my wife this weekend that whomever we pick, the graphic novel is going to rock. Different tones, different styles…all good. The challenge was finding who submitted work that really fit with my vision for the graphic novel series. We should be able to announce the artist in a week or so, and I’ll update that here. Rest assured, he or she will be awesome. It was hard.

On page 23 now and realizing that, yeah, I need to start wrapping things up. So much story and it seemed that 30 pages of actual sequential art would be enough, but it turns out it’s just under the wire, man. I mean, I could have done this story for 50 pages. Taking into account the audience, the main intended audience, gotta think that 30 pages is a good number so we’ll smoothly transition to an end without rushing it, but without taking my sweet time. Everything is looking really great and we’re all very excited. Pretty soon I’ll send the publisher my first draft and see how it is or isn’t beaten up but I’m confident in the story and that’s the main thing. History happens through the story…show don’t tell is what they told me today and I’m right with them on that.

That’s all for now. Hopefully finishing up the first draft by the weekend and I’ll check back in soon with the excited “whoop!!!” when that happens. I’ve already started to look toward book 2 as I finish this one up, and you kind of have to do that to ensure that everything will flow when it’s packaged as one big, honking 128 page graphic novel.



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