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Finished Manuscript

Tonight I’ll have finished the manuscript after making some changes requested by the editor. The changes were all pretty basic stuff and I was really pleased about that (means she liked it!). We are all very excited to move forward from here. Soon it will be in Scott’s hands and we’ll let him work his magic. I’ve always said, as early as the Betty graphic novel, that the script is only as good as the finished product. It’s the art that will knock it out of the park. A great script will make this easier, of course, but I think Scott is up to the challenge. He sent me some sketches just going off a few sample pages and the roughs were awesome so we’re all off to an amazing start. Perhaps I will post 2 of them tomorrow but one of them’s my desktop wallpaper. ;o)
It’s a difficult story. It was hard to fit it into 30 pages but I think I did it well. The story is tough because it deals with some heavy issues and this won’t stop with the next 3. However, it is framed around a wonderful, compelling story that I think will grab people and they’ll want to read how everything plays out.
Thanks for reading! Talk soon!
P.S. Got my author pics done today and I’m happy with them, too!

  1. August 26, 2009 at 5:41 pm

    Sounds like things are coming along well :o)
    *big thumbs up*

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