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Finalizing layout

Met with Scott last Friday to go over the first 15 pages of his rough storyboard. He does these drawing better than I could ever do in rough in like 10 seconds. It’s crazy. Anyway, we went through every page together and looked at different layouts for panels on every page; first the way I had it written in terms of where I wanted the panels to go and what size and then the way he thought might work a bit better. Sometimes we used his, with slight variations, sometimes striking out one panel that wasn’t really necessary, and we just plowed through it. It’s about teamwork, this stage, and we seem to really click in that way. And we came up with some very cool ideas that weren’t originally in the script, visual ideas. I find myself incredibly excited for one particular panel that I won’t give away, but it comes very early on and it’s just this…well, the visual ideas is almost like an unwritten poem to me. Maybe I will write a poem about this artistic poem, who knows. It really inspired and excited me. So, after 1.5 hours of going over his thumbnails and talking about how Transformers 2 kind of sucked and how The Dark Knight rocked, we were set on the first 15 pages.

Next up: I believe Scott’s going to do the cover first, and I’m really excited about that. And he’s going to finish up the last 15 pages of thumbnails. Once we’ve settled on the final 30 page layout, he’ll go to town on the final art. It’s all coming around, all on the go.

I can’t wait for it to come out, I think it’s going to blow people away.



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