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Book 3: Ends, Begins – Inspiration for a Title

I was sitting in bed the other evening, wondering how I would link the title of Book 3 into the content of Book 3. One of the things I had to do for promotion, was think of the titles right away. So I did. And I can make them all work but, until the weekend, Book 3. It hit me late at night, and I wrote a poem that I’m pretty sure I’ll incorporate into Book 3. Now, Book 3 is about the Residential School system. So, here is the poem.

Ends, Begins

If we were ever lost, then found,
Then brought away to bricks and hate,
And underneath the bricks, now drowned,
Now left to surface, tied to weights,

To you the skin to hurt, then heal,
Then bleach away the savage tint,
Savage, yet, our flesh to steal,
To marvel at your glory’s glint,

Glory, sentenced death, then life
Then buried under white, and left,
And forgotten there but given strife,
Given nothing but an empty breath,

Empty ’til the numb, now pain,
Now Drain us of the living rush,
Living but we are abstained,
Abstained and broken by the touch,

We see the way it ends, begins,
Ends among the stolen ones,
Stolen though reclaimed again,
Reclaimed but somehow still undone.

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