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New Update

Sorry for the whole “no update in a while” thing. It’s the holidays and I’ve always started up a new website for me:


So, I’ll be doing both and hopefully integrating them in the future to keep my attention to one as the blogs will most likely overlap as I update each. At any rate, here we are with the new year approaching and things are going quite well.

Book 1 is about halfway done now with Scott approaching page 15. The artwork is absolutely incredible, I can’t wait for everybody to see the product. Was at the publisher’s the other day and the feeling is mutual: there are some great things coming with this series. We just have to get there. To that end, I’m set to start researching (intensely) and writing book 3 come January 1, 2010. I’m excited about it, and have just been trying to nail down the whole story so I know what I’m writing. What I’m going to do is integrate a true res school account with the story. I want everything to be real. So, this research will mostly concentrate on talking to survivors. Another way we can pass down stories, too.

Other than that, not much else to update on. as the pages come in, I’m finalizing the script and I find that with the art, I can cut down on the words quite a bit and let the art speak. That has been an exercise for me, to be sure. I’m usually kind of wordy and reigning myself in has been tough but good.

More in the new year. Happy New Year all, and Merry Christmas too.


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