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Release date for “Stone” and cover for “Scars”.

Hello all,

After lots of work and post-illustration/writing prep, Stone has gone to press. High Water Press anticipates it will be ready by the end of March. It looks amazing and we’re all so excited about the release. To that end, I’ll let you know two things.

One: there’ll be a mini-launch on March 25 at Aqua Books as part of the Aboriginal Writers Series I’m hosting. The mini-launch will be part of a bigger event that includes Jordan Wheeler, Roberta Kennedy and Wab Kinew. Starts at 7pm.

Two: The actual, official launch will be on April 15th at Chapters Polo Festival (the big Chapters across from Polo Park). I’ll have to let you know when the time has been set. Should be an awesome night.

Next up, “Scars”. Book 2 of 4 in the 7 Generations series is underway. It is already looking incredible. As with “Stone”, I’ll post the cover and first 3 pages and then make you wait until it’s done! The cover is really beautiful and conveys the emotion, story and struggle of the main characters. Can’t wait for you to read BOTH (and all 4 when they’re done!).

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